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"Kathy brought my inside thoughts outside and helped me see things I wanted to do in my life. Watch out for your life to unfold in front of you!"
Annie Pritchard, Nottingham, England
"Kathy is a wonderful "coach"-full of resources-fun and loving. I really liked her integrity in believing that we all have what we need inside." - Donna Kovin, mother of three daughters 21, 13 and 7 and a son, 6
"Language is very powerful. The words we learned are tools to building better relationships with our kids. By coaching, I encourage my kids to identify their own passions and choose their own paths." - Jeannie Ellis, mother of two sons, 14 and 13; - Photographer
"Kathy is a great facilitator and really creates a safe environment for everyone to be open and real. It is so helpful to hear other people's success stories and comforting to hear that others that I respect struggle too. "
Lisa Sloan, mother of two sons, 15, 6 and a daughter, 3; Ex. Dir. , Full Esteem Ahead
"I appreciate Kathy's natural flow with the material. I am inspired to find better connection with my kids. Her breadth of knowledge empowers us to share our stories and learn from each other. " - Sandy Little, mother of a daughter, 8 and a son, 6; - Marketing Consultant

"This class really made me understand that I needed to change in my approach as a parent in order to build a better relationship with my teens and move from "administrator" to "coach." - Adrienne Greene, mother of two sons, 31 and 19 and a daughter, 14; Oregon Children's Injury Prevention Program Coordinator
"After years of my life as a parent, I finally feel that this class gives me a strategy, which is "user friendly" and very effective." - Chithra Binoy, mother of two daughters, 19 and 5
"I learned we have to change….not change our kids." - Dana Goss, mother of two sons, 12 and 6 and a daughter, 8; School Counselor.

"The ”Connect By Coaching Your Kid” class is one of the few parenting classes that I have ever taken where I’ve been more energized and optimistic when I left than when I walked in. I know I am learning something truly valuable when that happens." - Trudy Ludwig, mother of a daughter, 11 and a son, 7; Author, My Secret Bully

"The class is a big step forward for me in learning more about parenting my teen. It helped me take a focus from short-term parenting (getting the dishes done) to long-term parenting (instilling responsibility and independence) in my daughter" - Mike Roach, father of a daughter, 13; Owner, Paloma Clothing

"Kathy’s parenting class was upbeat and enjoyable. She fostered an environment of acceptance and mutual support as we tried new techniques with our children. In four classes Kathy offered a simple, yet effective approach to parenting in today's society. - Glenda Montgomery, mother of a daughter, 12 and a son, 10 and is an instructor of Positive Discipline Parenting Classes.

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