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PhilosophyKathy Masarie is dedicated to supporting people to be connected, balanced, and fulfilled in their lives. Coaching is a powerful way to bring effective change in one's life. Coaching is about starting from now and moving forward without looking back. Through coaching, Kathy empowers people to create the life of meaning and passion they want.

Kathy's Coaching Philosophy

  • You are in charge of your life and have the power to change it

  • You can challenge long-standing habits and make different choices

  • You are creative, resourceful and whole

  • You have the answers within

  • The most successful, enduring solutions come from within

  • Your commitment to change takes courage

  • Coaching provides a safe environment for change to occur

Core Values
These are the core values I bring into our coaching relationship

  • Connection
    o Relationships are of highest value.
    o Be respectful. Offer empathy and compassion.
    o Communicate thoughts and feelings with clarity and honesty.

  • Integrity
    o Open, authentic, and trustworthy
    o Accountable for my actions. Honor commitments
    o Committed to lifelong personal growth

  • Passion
    o Experience life with gratitude and exuberance
    o Bring balance, joy, and enthusiasm into every day
    o Live joyfully in the moment

Kathy offers
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