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Presentations are a great way to share information with a big group. It gets people excited about a new focus on their children. It is a great way for people to meet Kathy and see if she might be a good "fit" as their coach.
Kathy's upcoming presentations

Kathy Masarie MD Parent and Life Coach Presentations

    Studies have shown the most important factor to "protect kids from harm" is being connected with their parents-having parents who listen well and provide a "safe haven" for their children (The study, "Protecting Adolescents from Harm", can be found in JAMA, Journal of the American Medical Association, 278 (10):823-32, 1997.Sep 10.). Learn basic principals on how to move from "administrator" to "coach" to best support your child through the teen years.

    Kathy has inspired thousands of parents and other adults over the past eight years in the Portland/Salem area and beyond all the way to Tampa, Florida. She can talk on any number of topics that fit your need. Some ideas include:
    o Coming of Age Ceremonies
    o Voluntary Simplicity
    o Reduce the Stress by Getting in Touch With Your Highest Priorities
    o Effect of Media on our Children
    o 40 Developmental Assets
    o Understanding and Coping with Your Spirited Child
    o Developing Empathy through Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication Skills
    o Your Proposal….

Full Esteem Ahead Presentations given by Kathy Masarie
As the Program Director for Full Esteem Ahead, Dr. Kathy Masarie developed these presentation on timely topics for today's parents. These 90-minute presentations are most commonly organized by the parent/teacher organization of an elementary or middle school. They are also given at businesses, conferences and places of worship. If you would like to attend one of the upcoming seminars given by Kathy Masarie, check out the Calendar

If you are interested in bringing one of these talks to your school or organization please call Full Esteem Ahead's Program Coordinator at (503) 644-5781 #10.

    Understand the influence that our toxic culture has on our kids today and discover strategies to support them. Learn about the protective power of the "40 Developmental Assets," communication strategies, the role of ritual in our children's lives and how to connect a community of adults to create a safety net for our kids

    Discover the unique and wonderful world of our sons. What struggles are boys up against today? How can we raise them to be strong, yet sensitive and compassionate too? Explore these and other topics about boys and learn some specific strategies for listening to, and communicating with, our sons.

    Explore the world of peer aggression and emotional bullying that plagues the lives of our children, especially in middle school. Learn how to support and empower your child in these difficult situations as well as how to take steps to create a bully-free environment at school, at home and within circles of friends.


Full Esteem Ahead Workshops facilitated by Kathy Masarie

    Teasing * Name-Calling * Gossip * Exclusion * Silent Treatment
    Get an in-depth look at verbal and relational aggression, its impact on children and ways individual parents, school personnel, counselors, youth workers, and healthcare professionals can address the problem. For more information see 1.06b

    Full and half day workshops are held in Portland, Oregon each year, or your organization can host the half-day conference in your community. Both workshops deliver an overview of the research, precipitating factors, a framework for the all-school approach and a common approach to an "incident" of bullying.

Full day workshop includes several breakout sessions:

  • All School Approach: essential ingredients, successes and pitfalls of instilling long-term change in school climate in a school

  • Mediating an Aggression Incident: how can you get to the bottom of the incident and remain respectful of all parties involved

  • Programs that Work: explore the best programs to augment your all-school approach

  • Safe Havens for Boys: all children benefit from respect, being heard and having 'safe havens," places they can be who they are without fear of rejection, disapproval or judgment

  • Safe Havens for Girls: empowerment groups for girls can be an effective way to for girls to "get to the bottom" of hurting each other and how to stop.

  • Bibliotherapy: using children's literature can be a very effective way to instill empathy (and to teach many other skills)

  • Tribes: Building community in the classroom

  • Tools for Parents: what are some of the best ways to get parents involved in changing school climate

  • Non-violent Communication: based on Marshall Rosenberg's work, learn about the core needs we all have that drive all of our behavior, including bullying.

Kathy's upcoming presentations


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