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Coaching Programs

Coaching is an excellent way to support you to change habits and behaviors that are no longer bringing you the joy and peace you want in your life

Personal - One-on-One CoachingPersonal - One-on-One Coaching

  • 2-hour Consultations

  • 3-month Coaching Program

  • 6-month Coaching Program

The 3-6 month program begins with your commitment to do things differently. The program will be customized around your unique situation and the goals or outcomes you want to achieve. The program begins with a 90-minute session, then weekly 45-60 minute sessions, with phone calls and email contacts in-between. You will receive support to outline of your goals as positive statements. You will be asked to share your wins, your struggles, your insights at each visit and to discuss your current agenda and the next actions steps. You will be held accountable for what you want to do and will be given exercises to do between visits. Learning happens as much outside the coaching sessions as in them. This momentum keeps you moving forward faster than you thought possible. It is truly amazing what people can achieve when they put their mind to it.

Parenting Class - Connect by Coaching Your Kids

  • Parenting Class - Connect by Coaching Your KidsAre you frustrated with the mood swings, erratic behavior and disconnect with your child or teen?

  • Does your child or teen feel respected, listened to and understood?

  • Does your child or teen take responsibility for the choices he/she makes?

Parents can learn to "coach" their 12-18 year olds with great success. Coaching can support you to learn new habits when the old parenting style is no longer working. Learning how to coach your teen gives you some powerful new skills to connect. "Coaches" ask probing questions, listen well, and believe their clients-teens-are "whole, creative and resourceful," (philosophy of Coach Training Institute) In this four session parenting class, learn straightforward skills to appreciate, respect, listen to, understand and connect with your child to support him/her on the journey to responsibility and independence. This parenting course is based on the book, Parent as Coach: Helping Your Teen Build a Life of Confidence, Courage and Compassion, Marshall Rosenberg's work on Non-violent Communication and additional resources gathered by Dr. Masarie who has focused on prevention for more than twenty years.
The core structure of this class is based on a poem from Parent as Coach. It is a message written from teens to adults about what they want from us. Check out "Message to Parents".
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30-min Phone Coaching Session
Parenting Conference Call

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