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About the Coaching Approach

We all know about coaching for sports teams. Have you ever thought of a coach for the "game of life?" A coach is someone who believes that you are creative, whole and resourceful and have the answers within. Coaching offers you strategies, support, accountability and clarity to move you forward with your dreams…where you want to go and how to get there.

About the Coaching ApproachIncredible, life-changing results can occur with this approach.

A coach respects you, is interested in you, gives you undivided attention and is dedicated to supporting your success. The coaching relationship is based on mutual trust and honesty. A coach starts with where you are now and looks to where you want to go. A coach does not dwell in the past. A coach does not advise. A coach knows you are in charge of the "agenda" and are the expert in your life. A coach empowers you to appreciate your strengths and develop strategies to overcome obstacles and fear. Once you have these skills, you can then coach yourself to move beyond your goals to an even higher level.

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Is Coaching for You?

Coaching would be a good fit for you if you can say...

  • I am ready for a change.

  • I realize change takes time.

  • I will do the work and exercises necessary to foster change.

  • I have either have a goal or would like to establish a goal to achieve in 3-6-12 months.

  • I am ready to commit 100% and invest in myself.

Kathy's Coaching Programs Offer You Support to Find Connection, Balance & Fulfillment In Your Life
Parent and Life Coaching

Parent and Life Coaching Parenting is the biggest job we take on in our lives. It takes the most time and we feel the least confident of our skills and ability. We get little clear guidance and a lot of mixed messages. We all make mistakes. We have habits that are not effective, habits we picked up from a myriad of sources. We strive to be the best we can for our children but often feel we fall short of what we want to do. We find that change is really difficult.

We live in a quick-fix culture that says buy this "silver bullet" and everything will be better. Time is so precious in our lives that we all long for a "quick fix." What is now clear with the research is that there is no way to shortcut changing behavior. Even when our intentions are clear about change, it takes organization--and time and energy that are in short supply. In addition, we need to practice our newfound skills. Just think about your kids when they first learned to kick a soccer ball or play the piano. Now, after several years of practicing it over and over again with guidance, they are better, but it's a process they are still working on.

Parent and life coaching can help us learn and grow by examining our behaviors and helping us identify where we want to change and how to go about it. Every parent deserves a coach to help them feel connected and effective as parents and fulfilled as people. Coaching can be a valuable life changing experience that not only impacts you, but your entire family. Parents who decide to take the time now/early, can develop new habits and attitudes that prevent larger problems later.

Challenges can hit parents at any time from birth to beyond 18, depending on many circumstances. Parents with a "spirited" child can be challenged with their child's temperament and subsequent behavioral challenges right from birth. A big worry time is for parents of children about to enter middle or high school. Plus to complicate matters, these 4th to 8th graders rapidly change developmentally, physically and hormonally. It is hard to stay a step ahead of them. A third common time of parenting stress is when feisty, spirited, wonderful teen do their job of declaring independence from us when they are not quite "ready." Their need for independence and freedom can directly collide with our need for safety and our responsibility for their well-being. Coaching can help parents at all of these stages.

A parent often takes care of themselves last..or never. They put aside their passions and joy to meet the demands of the day and to enrich their children's lives. It is easy to become stressed-out, resentful, or just plain drained when you have no joy feeding you. A parent is often surprised to learn that taking care of his/her needs first can make everyone in the family happier. Fostering connection with one's spouse/significant other, extended family, and close friend--and taking care of one's health and fitnes--are critical to a balanced life. A parent who can find this balance is not only a more effective parent but also a great role model for his/her children. Life coaching is about focusing on personal growth, values and passions and what is most important for you, in addition to parenting.

Dr. Kathy is a coach who can help.

  • She has a passion for kids and families and what it takes to keep them healthy

  • As a pediatrician, she has an avid interest in connecting deeply with families and a focus on behavioral and developmental problems,

  • As founder and program developer at Full Esteem Ahead for eight years and now with Family Empowerment Network, she created organizations whose missions were/are to "help adults help children and one another.

Through her years as a "parenting expert," the one thing that became clear over and over again is that a parent has the best insight into all the ingredients that make up the unique relationship they have with their children. Parents are the "expert" at knowing what is the best solution for their unique situation. Kathy believes her clients are creative and resourceful. Kathy's coaching assists parents to find that "expert" within, their "inner teacher," that voice of truth that offers guidance and power to deal with problems and change. Her coaching helps good parents of younger children grow/change to become good parents of teenagers to become good parents of adult children.

A Bit About Telephone Coaching
90% of coaching interactions are over the telephone. Telephone coaching offers many advantages. It is very convenient, efficient and, for some people, even more effective than face-to-face meetings. There is unique information picked up on the phone that can be lost face to face. It is especially helpful for people with very busy schedules. If you live in the Portland or Seattle metro areas, coaching in person is available or we can try a combination of phone/in person, according to your desires and your schedule.

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