kathy masarie md parent and life coach
  To find out more about what Kathy is doing beyond coaching to support your family to thrive, please go to www.family-empower.com.

  Kathy Masarie MD: Parent and Life Coach Are You…
  • Stuck or stressed?

  • Struggling with your kids?

  • Frustrated having no time for yourself, your passions or your dreams?

  If you are ready for change… try the Coaching Approach

Kathy's coaching programs offer you support to find connection, balance & fulfillment in your life...

Kathy Masarie brings a wealth of professional and personal experience to support you to be the parent, partner and friend you want to be.

As a Portland-based pediatrician with a thriving practice for over ten years, she specialized in developmental and behavioral problems, as well as safety and prevention.

"Kathy is a wonderful "coach"- full of resources-fun and loving. I really liked her integrity in believing that we all have what we need inside." - Donna Kovin, mother of 3 daughters 21, 13 and 7 and a son, 6

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